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Aok pto defense strategy

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Aok pto defense strategy

The PTO scenario

The PTO is a scenario map where there is one player hunter, all other players are preys and have a special unit to keep alive, and protect at any cost against the hunter (in the Age of Kings version, this unit is Genghis Khan).

Originally, this scenario concept exists The Conquerors, created by EUR_melage2_CH. It has then by adapted by pha0001 for Age of Kings. It is different due to technical limitations (more triggers types possible in The Conquerors). But in fact this Age of Kings version of the PTO is better than the original.

In the beginning, the host to pick a player who wil be the hunter. All the preys must escape in a place of their choice, where they have 7 or 8 minutes before the hunter can attack, to build an economy, walls, and a defense to fortify their place, to resist to hunter's attacks.

The hunter's units on spawn change and become more powerful with the time, he has to kill everyone (by killing their Genghis Khan, the prey).

To win, you have 2 options :

- Survive until the time limit - 2 hours and 17 minutes

- Build a Wonder and wait for the years to be 0

The map must be started with teams unlocked, and it must be played with Standard Age setting (which is dark age, many noobs play it with feudal age starting, which is a bit unfair for the hunter).

aoe 2 PTO scenario map

Maps download links

Be careful that there are many edited versions, the only good versions to play are:

- PTO final version i72 One hunter, south base terrain part cross-able by the hunter

- PTO final version i72 fix One hunter, south base terrain fixed

- PTO final version i81 Two hunters, they have to wait more time, and time limit is longer

Host has a better score at start and its normal. The gaia towers in center first belong to blue, they have their ownership changed to gaia when map is launched, and score given by owning theses towers remains, it doesn't give more resources to blue.

Starting at Dark Age

Pick the spot you wanna go for, some people sometimes go same spots by mistake; to avoid that, mark directly your spot by building a town center to indicate other players that you took this spot.

Some people go in the same spot on purpose, which is not recommended, as gold, stone, wood and food will be overloaded of villagers, which will make them block the spawns and turn them inactive. Don't go same spot unless you know what to do and your partner too.

Build a Town center near wood and gold / stone resources, a lumber camp, and a mill. I suggest you to build the mill on the opposite side of the deer crossing, where it ends, it will temporarily prevent them to disappear, letting more of them cross at a time.

Put 3 villagers on the town center building and one villager for lumber / mill, this will make your 3 buildings finished at the same time, then start researching feudal age.

During this time, use one villager to build 4 houses in the backwards, with the 3 other ones you can start to get some food, and prepare the resource gathering by killing some deers near your mill. Note that this last action may signal your position to the hunter, if he checks map, as dead deers are visible by everyone.

When your feudal age progression is about 70% or 80%, send theses 3 deer killers villagers in front of your base.

Feudal age : wall hard

As soon as you get feudal age, start building stone wall with the 3 villagers, make 3 or 4 villagers on the TC and send them to the food, while your 4th villager should finish the 4th house, make him build a market and a blacksmith.

Build the market and blacksmith And the wall, the most important at this state

Always check your villagers building wall, it has to be done fast because at this time, the hunter's units start coming and you would be unlucky that he picks you first, so build like hell (at least 10 ranges of wall). When the blacksmith / market are built, start to research castle age, and don't stop to build wall ranges, also keep preparing some death deers for your food villagers.

Research castle age

The Hunter starts with Elite Teutonic knight units, he also gets one siege onager, with this one he will (most likely) try to kill your villagers building your walls, so watch them and pull them back if necessary, while with your Khan, you will try to shoot the onager (if it is in range, onager has 1 one range point than Genghis Khan).

If you lose villagers send more of them, always keep 3 villagers to build wall. If you can't hit the onager, a solution is to use the monk furnished with the Genghis Khan to convert a Teutonic knight and rush the onager with him.

Castle age : organize your defense

When you reach the castle age, build an university, and a second town center, at the opposite side of your first Town Center.

build the university

Build castles near your wall, on each side, in a way you let the middle blank, to build some towers for instance. When the university is done the first thing to develop is the Fortified wall, it will make your wall way stronger.

you can start your defenses like that

With your second town center, create and send villagers to the wood, and with the first one, keep creating and sending them to the food. Develop the lumber camp researches and once you get about 10 villagers on the wood, build a mining camp and start getting stone ( with second TC only ). Don't develop anything else than lumber upgrades for now.

Keep making villagers and check your resources, you need 1000 food to start reaching the imperial age. Keep building towers or castles for your defense.

You need to expand your population fast, but also to reach imperial age fast, so find the right middle at this time, to start reaching the imperial age.

start researching the imperial age

Once you started, with the other town center, send about 3 or 4 villagers to the gold, build 2 siege workshops, far enough in a way they don't block the progression of your defense building.

Start developing all the blacksmith, university upgrades at this moment; fletching, ballistics, wheelbarrow, then bodkin arrow, chemistry, everything that gives range and more power to castles, walls and towers.

With your 2 siege workshops, make some mangonels (the low version of an onager, note that you must not develop onager or it will only allow one at a time), and send them between your 2 initial castles, along with towers and / or other castles. They will be useful to destroy the ram attacks, which is the main unit for the hunter (good against buildings and arrows).

Imperial age : release the fire

Once you are imperial age, research the chemistry upgrade in university, and start sending villagers collect gold and stone, and check your wood resource, which will be in use to create siege units, while you can finish all the useful upgrades (siege engineers gives more range for siege units, not available with all civilizations), and make some units from the castles, depending on the civilization you picked.

Good civilizations for the PTO are Britons, Byzantines, Turks for preys, and Celts, Saracens for the hunter.

Train archery units and garrison some of them in castles and towers. Always stay building castles or towers, and build wall around them to cover them from the saboteur attacks, the deadly unit for the hunter.

Later in the game, hunter gets hand cannons units, it means he will be able to destroy any of your unit or building, due to it's long range, without possibility for you to get rid of them, while he will ram your wall.

You will then have to build more and more, (even if you have to build in the resources zone) each time the hunter gains ground in your base.

Always have some villagers on side being ready to rewall, or repair castles if the chance would happen (right after a hunter's rush for instance, and before he sends reinforcements).

You can also escape by building a port and a transport boat, to cross the water and land on the spot next to yours, and save your Genghis Khan (the hunter have no ways to cross water), but don't consider the solution too fast, always try to save your base, walling, building, or even attack the hunter with your archery units, while villagers will re-wall fast.

You may be not wanted in your neighbor's spot, some of them could kill your Genghis Khan by changing stance to enemy (yes, remember, it's teams unlocked) if you insist to get in their place.

Only pass by allies bases and try to find an empty spot to access by boat or others. If ever you wouldn't be able to do that, then build a tower center in your neighbor's spot, but keep in mind that it is his spot, not yours (don't block his resources his defense building).

Wonder or not wonder

You can build a wonder, and wait for the years to be on 0, to win. Downside is that the hunter will get more saboteurs than usual (like one each 15 seconds), he will also get canons, regardless of the game time.

This is the rush mode, and you must have a consequent base to execute this strategy. First check your resources and your defenses that have to be optimal to face the hunter, because he may only go for you once you start to build the wonder.

Note that only if few time remains until the time limit, don't build a wonder that would take more time to reach 0 years (and don't give more saboteurs to hunter), than the time remaining until time limit.

For instance if game time is 1 hour 45 minutes, wonder is useless, waiting for the time limit is better (2 hours 17 minutes).

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