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AOE2 civilizations overview

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AOE2 civilizations overview


Foot archers have 1 attack vs. buildings

Cavalry Archers have +3 attack against buildings

Market operations costs only 5% fee

Transport ships have +100% HP and 2x capacity

Galleys attack 20% faster

Cavalry archers +3 attack vs. buildings

The Conquerors Zealotry: +30 camel, Mameluke HP

Forgotten Empires Madrasah: Killed monks return 33% of their cost

Saracens are used for their Galleys in boat maps, and their unique unit, the Mameluke, who have 3 range, and an attack bonus against cavalry, which makes this unit the most efficient against all type of horses.


Archery Ranges create units 20% faster

Town Centers cost 50% less

Foot Archers +1 range in Castle Age, +1 range in Imperial Age

Shepherds work 20% faster

The Conquerors Yeomen: +1 Foot archer range, +2 tower attack

Forgotten Empires Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage)

Britons are used for archer maps where your extra range (1 or 2) gives you a big advantage. Range is more important than damage when it comes to archers. Remember that you only get the extra range in Castle Age and Imperial Age.


Monks heal 300% faster

Buildings have +10% HP in Dark, +20% HP in Feudal, +30% HP in Castle, +40% HP in Imperial

Camels, skirmishers, and pikemen cost 25% less

Fire ships +20% attack

Advancing to Imperial Age costs 33% less

The Conquerors Logistica: Cataphracts cause trample damage

Forgotten Empires Greek Fire: Fire Ships +1 Range

Byzantines have the most technologies natively researched. All buildings have 40% more health in Imperial Age, making them last longer, which is good for defense maps ( PTO ). They also have better fire ships and monks, which can make them ideal for some boat maps and some maps with monks.


Wood RaiderSeige Workshops create units 20% faster

Infantry move 15% faster

Lumberjacks work 15% faster

Siege weapons fire 20% faster

Sheeps are not converted if they are within one unit's Line of Sight

The Conquerors Furor Celtica: Siege Workshop Units +50% HP

Forgotten Empires Stronghold: Castles & Towers fire 20% faster

Celts a have faster infantry, making them ideal for maps where reinforcements (infantry) are crucial. Celts are also good for maps with a lot of siege, good rams and scorpions.


Farms have 45 more food capacity

Start with 10 villagers, but 150 less food

Technologies cost: +10% less in Feudal Age, +15% less in Castle Age, +20% less in Imperial Age

Town Centers support +5 population

Demolition Ships have +50% HP

Town Center LOS +5

The Conquerors Rocketry: +2 Chu Ko Nu attack, +4 scorpions

Forgotten Empires Great Wall: Walls and towers +30% HP

Farms, starting villagers and technology costs are lower, it allows a faster development. Their Cho-Ku-Nu are good against other archers. Chinese are also used for their 5 pop in Town Center and can be used for their extra HP with Demolition Ships.


Knights have 2 Line of Sight

Castles cost 25% less

Knights - paladins have +20% HP

Farm Upgrades are free (but you need a mill)

The Conquerors Bearded Axe +1 Throwing Axeman range

Forgotten Empires Stables work 40% faster

Franks are used for cavalry based maps because of their 20% extra HP for cavalry units. Their axemen are globally good against most of units when they are covered by horses. Note that they don't have good archery.


Barracks create units 20% faster

Infantry cost: 10% less in Feudal, 15% less in Castle, 20% less in Imperial

Infantry have +1 attack versus buildings

Hunters carry +15 food

+10 population support in Imperial Age

The Conquerors Anarchy: Create Huskarls at Barracks

Forgotten EmpiresPerfusion: Barracks units created 50% faster

Goths have +1 attack vs buildings. Huskarls are very efficient against archery, and can be created in barracks after tech research. Note that Goths cannot build walls.


Galleys have 50% Line of Sight

Fishing ships have +100% HP, +2 armor

Fishing ships work 5% faster in Dark, 10% faster in Feudal, 15% faster in Castle, 20% faster in Imperial

Mill, Lumber Camp, and Mining Camp cost 50% less

Infantry attack: 10% faster in Feudal, 15% faster in Castle, 25% faster in Imperial

The Conquerors Kataparuto: Trebuchets fire, pack/unpack faster

Forgotten EmpiresYasama: Towers shoot extra arrows

Japanese are used for their extra attack rate with infantry, note that they don't get this bonus until feudal age.


Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, and Hussars have +2 line of sight

Light Cavalry and Hussars have +30% HP

Calvary Archers fire 20% faster

Food hunters work 50% faster

The Conquerors Drill: Siege units move 50% faster

Forgotten Empires Nomads: Destroyed houses don’t lose their population room

Mongols are used where cavalry archers are the main units (in scenarios). Their siege moves faster after tech research, and mangudais are fast and globally powerful against most of units.

Castle from Age Of Empires 2


Knights have 2 attack vs. archers

Start with +50 food and + 50 wood

Town Centers and Docks have +100% HP

Town Centers and Docks work 10% faster in Feudal, 15% faster in Castle, 20% faster in Imperial

The Conquerors Mahouts: +30% War Elephant speed

Forgotten Empires Boiling Oil: Castles do extra damage vs. rams

Persians are never used for their bonuses, their war elephant is slow, but it's the most powerful unit with full armor and elite.


Units more resistant to conversion

Monks heal from +100% more distance

Towers garrison +100% more units

Farms cost 33% less

The Conquerors Town Centers have +2 attack

Town Centers +5 range (when units are garrisoned)

The Conquerors Crenellations: +3 Castle range; garrisoned infantry fire arrows

Forgotten Empires Ironclad: Siege +4 melee armor and Rams +1

Teutons are only used for their monk bonuses and tower bonuses.


Gunpowder units train 20% faster

Gunpowder units have +50% HP

Researching Gunpowder technologies cost 50% less

Gold miners work 15% faster

Chemistry technology is free

Light Cavalry upgrade is free

The Conquerors Artillery: +2 range Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, Cannon Galleons

Forgotten Empires Sipahi: Cavalry Archers +20 HP

Turks are used for their stronger hand cannoners units and sometimes for their faster gold miners. They get bombard towers.


Docks cost 33% less

Warships cost 20% less

Infantry have: +10% HP Feudal, +15% HP Castle, +20% HP Imperial

Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart upgrades are free

The Conquerors Berserkergang: Berserks regenerate faster

Forgotten Empires Chieftains: Berserks get +4 attack bonus vs. cavalry

Vikings are mostly used for their extra infantry HP but they are also used in some maps for their boat, the Drakkar. Some civs are also picked for the buildings they can construct, what units they can make or what technologies they can upgrade.


Villagers carry +5 resources

Military units created 15% faster

The Conquerors Loom research free

The Conquerors Garland Wars: +4 Infantry attack

Forgotten Empires Atlatl: Skirmishers +1 Attack, +1 Range

Relics generate +33% gold

Aztecs' monks gets +5 HP for each monastery technology researched, and their unique technology can max infantry attack to +8 (only +4 for all other civilizations). they can also produce siege onager and eagle warrior.


Houses not needed, but game start game with 100 wood

Stables are 20% faster

The Conquerors Cavalry Archers cost -25% in Castle, -30% in Imperial

Forgotten Empires Cavalry Archers cost -15% in Castle, -25% in Imperial

The Conquerors Atheism:+100 years Wonder/Relic victory time, -50% Spies/Treason cost

Forgotten Empires Marauders: Create Tarkans at Stables

Their unique unit, the Tarkan is an horse very efficient against both archery and buildings, and their max pop capacity native gives them an advantage in development speed. Their trebuchets are also more accurate.


Shinkichon: +1 range onagers

Villagers have +3 line of sight

Stone miners work 20% faster

Free Guard Tower and Keep upgrades

Arrow Towers have +1 range in Castle Age, +2 in Imperial Age

The Conquerors Onagers have +1 range

Forgotten Empires Walls, towers, castles built 25% faster

The War Wagon is efficient against archery but weak against infantry and cavalry. It is globally powerful when used in large groups. Koreans are in the few civs that can produce Turtle Ship unit.


Natural resources +20%

Archers cost -10% in Feudal, -20% in Castle, -30% in Imperial

Walls are 50% cheaper

The Conquerors El Dorado: +40 Eagle Warrior HP

Forgotten Empires Obsidian Arrows: Archer-line has +3 attack vs. buildings

The plumed archer is a fast moving archer, with good armor against archery. They can also produce Eagle warriors, another powerful unit against archery.


Villagers builds 30% faster

Blacksmith upgrades do not cost any gold

Cannon Galleons benefit from Ballistics

Hand Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons fire 15% faster

Trade units generate +33%

The Conquerors Supremacy: Villager combat attributes increased

Forgotten Empires Inquisition: Monks conversion rate improved

Their Conquistador,  an horse hand cannoneer, moves fast and is globally powerful against other units, they can produce Missionary, a fast mounted monk.


Villagers benefit from Blacksmith upgrades.

Buildings cost -15% stone

Houses support 10 population

Farms are built 50% faster

Andean Sling: Slingers and Skirmishers with no minimum range

Couriers: Eagles, Kamayuks and Slingers +10% speed

Their Kamayuk is a powerful pikeman, very efficient against all types of cavalry, and thei can produce Slingers, an improved skirmisher.


Villagers cost -5%/-10%/-15%/-20% in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age

Fishermen work 15% faster and carry +15 food

Camels +1/+1 armor

Camels +6 attack vs. buildings

Sultans: All gold resources income +10%

Shatagni: Hand cannoneers get +1 range

Their Elephant Archer have good HP and is efficient against archery. Their economy technologies make them a good civilization for Random Map games.


All dock techs cost -50%

Gunpowder units cost -15%

Condottiero also available in allies' barracks in the Imperial Age, once a castle is built

Silk Road: Trade units 50% cheaper

Pavise: Genoese Crossbowmen +1/+1 armor

The Genoese Crossbowman has a medium range but is efficient against cavalry. They can also produce Condottieros, an infantry unit with bonus against gunpowder units.


Villagers kill wolves in one strike

Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace free

Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar cost -10%

Recurve Bow: Cavalry archers + 1 range

Mercenaries: Magyar Huszar costs no gold

Their Magyar Huszar is a cheap cavalry unit that can be produced in large numbers for lower costs.


Farmers work 15% faster

Siege units 15% cheaper

Military buildings provide garisonable +5 population

Druzhina: Infantry damage adjacent units

Orthodoxy: Monks extra armor

Their unique unit, the boyar, is an horse efficient against infantry, but not so much against archery.

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