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AoE Realm - Age Of Empires AOERealm is dedicated to the Age of Empires 2 PC game, including Age of Kings, The Conquerors (TC or AoE2:TC), Forgotten Empires extension as well as Age of Empires on other platforms. Read some of our articles and AoE2 Tutorials about the Conquerors and Age of Kings online, and feel free to browse our downloads and screenshots sections.

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Welcome to AoERealm, a website dedicated to the multiplayer PC game Age of Empires 2 and it's expansions, The conquerors, Forgotten Empires, and others Age of Empires series online.
Our aim is to provide you with the latest news, files, and events around one of the best real-time strategy game of the last two decades.

We also publish comprehensive articles about the game, whether you look for scenario map strategies, general in-game tricks and tips, tutorials about map creation, map design, scenario triggers or technical help about troubleshooting ( port forwarding, router configuration, etc ).

More screenshots, videos, and clan-related sections are upcoming, keep up with us on the website, the social networks we're on, and in-game.

Latest Tutos and Articles

AOE2 general tips and tricks

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General : AOE2 general tips and tricks

Here are some general tips and tricks to use in aoe2, useful things to know whether you play random maps or scenario maps.

Aok pto defense strategy

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General : Aok pto defense strategy

How to play PTO (Protect The One), the scenario map for Age of Kings (not the Conquerors, despite this map concept comes from it).

Age of Empires 2 RM strategy

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General : Age of Empires 2 RM strategy

Basic advices and strategies for Age of Empires 2 random map games, mostly about economy the economy side for this game type. This is not pro tips, rather a RM for dummies guide.

AOE2 civilizations overview

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General : AOE2 civilizations overview

Here are the informations relative to the Age of Empires 2 civilizations, theirs strengths, their weaknesses, and bonuses statistics . If you play scenario, different civilizations are used for different maps because of their bonuses .

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